June 14, 2006

Flashback: Playing Games in Church

While procrastinating with the Wayback Machine archives of my blog (which is, by the way, an excellent procrastination tool that I highly recommend for all your procrastination needs), I rediscovered the following post from May 7, 2004 entitled "Playing Games in Church."

There are three basic human entertainment experiences that go back to the cave: storytelling, game-playing, and music. People are looking for a hybrid of those things.

Okay...we (the Church) have done pretty well with the music and storytelling parts, but what about game playing? Not that we are in the entertainment business, but if game playing is a fundamental part of the human experience, why are we not providing it?

In light of my recent fascination with Alternate Reality Games and their similarities with the project of (narrative) theology, finding this in my archives was like picking up an adventure-puzzle game (like Myst) that I hadn't played in years and finding a clue I'd missed the first time through.

The question I'm asking myself today: How can a pastor or teacher add elements of game play to his church's communal life, and how can a theologian equip him for it?

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