June 08, 2006

The Story We Create Ourselves In

interact10ways - truth

Click the link.

Explore the scenes.  (Warning: It's addictive.)

Now reflect on your experience.

Did you find your mind searching for connections between the pictures that made up each scene?  Did you find yourself synthesizing those (imagined/created) connections into a story that linked all the pictures together?

I bet you did.  I think this is the way human minds work.

Sense data prompts the search for connections.

Connections inspire the creation of a story.

The story gives sense data meaning.

What implications does this have for theology, and for the way we "do" theology?

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At 10:00 AM, Blogger Chera said...

Hey Daniel! Yes, I was studying at Oxford. I got to study there during Hilary term and had tutors and everything. It was great. I studied Middle English Literature and absolutely loved it (even if it was a lot of work!).


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