July 07, 2006

The Sign of Unity

The Church's unity is the sign to shattered, splintered humanity of wholeness and new life in Christ. Our unity is a given. We cannot make the Church one. It already is one. What we do is reveal this unity, or obscure it.
Bishop Paul Hewett of the Episcopal Missionary Church's Diocese of the Holy Cross, quoted in "An American Dilemma: The Episcopal Church - 1976-2006" at VirtueOnline.com.


At 5:35 PM, Blogger DesertPastor said...

"What we do is reveal this unity, or obscure it."

I agree that our unity is a given.

And I also believe that our unity can/should be understood from an "already/not yet" perspective. We live within the tension that we already are one, and yet we also are to live and work to bring it about.

It also seems that God gives us the opportunity/responsibility (I'm thinking here of local contexts) to either build or destroy the unity that is ours in Christ. Simply "claiming" unity isn't enough (maybe in part, that's my reaction against hyper-faith teaching).


btw - how are the little neotheologues these days?


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